Eating Healthy at College

I moved into school this past week, and have been afraid of the consequences of all the unhealthy choices that will surround me! So, I’ve decided to write a blog post on how to choose healthy choices while living in a dorm on campus. As long as you have a mini fridge and a storage box for food, you can stock up on healthy snacks and even meals that you can eat throughout the week!

Water (I use Brita filtered water bottles so that I do not waste plastic water bottles)
*Stay away from sugary drinks!! Don’t waste calories on what you drink! Save that for beer on the weekends…keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water! Aim for at least 3 bottles a day of not more.*
Fruit (limit your fruit if you are trying to lose weight because it does have a lot of sugar)
Craisins (while they also contain a lot of sugar they are good to have on hand to snack on!)
Veggies (carrots, sliced cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes are my favorite)
Hummus (use your veggies to dip instead of pita chips!!)
Deli Chicken (I like Boar’s Head low sodium chicken because it has less salt than most deli sliced meats and is so tasty on its own. Take some chicken wraps to go!)
Alvarado Streets brand California Style Protein Bread

(It is delicious toasted with almond butter or peanut butter!)
*1 slice is only 80 calories, has 0 grams of fat, and 5 grams of protein*

Non-Fridge Items:
Almond Butter/Peanut Butter
Sweet Potato Chips
Protein Bars (Lara bars, Luna bars)
Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews

This is only a list of foods I carry, and there are a ton of other healthy choices, but I hope this helps anyone that needs ideas to bring to school!! 🙂


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